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Get My Girlfriend Back Fast - How to Get Your Girlfriend Back
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It is the one thing that you did not want to happen.  You found out that your ex girlfriend is dating someone else and now you are left with your heart sinking in your chest,  feeling like you have lost any chance of being able to get back with her.  Now,  most people will tell you that you just need to move on and forget about her,  but most people are not in the relationship of their dreams,  are they?  Nope,  they are either painfully single or stuck in a really BORING relationship that is going nowhere fast.  So,  why bother listening to them,  anyway?

I can tell you that getting back an ex girlfriend when she is dating someone else is probably a LOT easier than you think it is right now.  It’s only natural that you are feeling pessimistic at this moment,  you feel like your heart is broken.  Well,  that feeling does not have to last forever.  You CAN get yourself together and get your ex girlfriend back at the same time and make her forger all about that new guy!


First thing you need to know is that if it really bothers you that she is seeing someone else,  then chances are good that you have no other prospects in your eye sights.  Meaning,  all you are zoned in on is your ex girlfriend and you are totally dismissing the possibility of being with any other woman out there.  Of course,  if there is only one women that you can even think of being with,  then it will CRUSH YOU if you think that she is with someone else.

You need to be OPEN to the possibility that maybe there are other women out there.  Maybe even though you want your ex girlfriend back,  you can still have some fun flirting with and even dating other women for a while.  Just making that little shift in how you see the situation will CHANGE the way that you feel about what is going on.

Also,  you never want to let your ex girlfriend see that you are really jealous or even angry about the fact that she is dating someone else.  You have to deal with it,  and if she senses that you are jealous or angry with her,  she is not going to suddenly have a change of heart and try to get back with you. She will just write you off as someone that she does NOT want to be with.


Even if she is seeing someone else,  you can still make her want you again.  Being playful,  acting cocky and funny when you speak to her,  and being mysterious about what you have been up to are all things that will make her start to think about you and feel attracted to you again.  The BEST thing that you can do is to actually work with a PROVEN SYSTEM to help you to get her back and make her want YOU again.

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It’s still kind of amazing to me that a simple social website would become so big that it actually is a factor in so many relationship situations nowadays. Chances are, it has become a staple of your everyday life, as most people have an account with Facebook. And some people take it to the level that it is a huge part of their social life. Nothing wrong with that, but it poses the question, should you be friends with your ex girlfriend on Facebook?

I’d love to give a simple yes or no answer to this question, but unfortunately… it is NOT that simple. See, there are so many possible scenarios and situations, that one blanket answer is not going to cover every single one of them.

So, I’d like to explore a few common situations and give an answer to those about whether or not you should be friends with your ex girlfriend on Facebook.

Situation Number One- You and your ex girlfriend have just broken up and are already friends with each other.

In this situation, my answer would be YES, it would be fine to still be her friend on Facebook. Deliberately taking her off would kind of show that you are being vindictive (unattractive quality for a man to possess) and that extra effort no matter how small it really is, shows that it means a LOT to you. So, in this situation, I’d say to keep her on your list, and if she takes you off, then oh well.

Situation Number Two- It’s been a long time and you want to make your move on her now.

In this situation, Facebook is nothing more than a channel of communication that you want to use to get your ‘foot in the door’ so to speak. So, this is another scenario where I would see absolutely nothing wrong with sending her a request, just to see what happens. Don’t go overboard and bombard her with messages asking her if she is going to accept you or not. Send a simple request, with maybe a funny little comment or something and then wait.

Situation Number Three- She has started dating someone else and you are not currently friends on Facebook.

This is a situation where I would say NO, do not try to get on her friends list. You don’t want to be the guy that gets in the way of her current relationship, because if he gets weird about the situation and you are the cause for that weirdness, then it looks bad on you. Plus, getting her back when she is dating someone else means that you have to be a little bit “stealth” about your intentions, so putting yourself out in the open like that is a big no-no.

Listen Carefully,

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Here is something that you know in your heart is true,  even if you don’t want to hear it.  Your ex girlfriend will end up being with someone else if you don’t find a way to get her to come back. Say it out loud to yourself if you need to.  Make it real.  Make it burn a fire inside of you so that you are ready to take some kind of action to win her back.  If you don’t and you just rely on the hope that she somehow changes her mind… you are probably going to end up feeling nothing but heartbreak as you hear that she is now with another man.

It’s true that relationships come and go.  And it is true that you may one day recover and find another.  Is that what you want to hope for? Or would you much rather take some action NOW so that you can win back the woman you deeply care for,  and you don’t have to worry about hearing that she is now with someone else?

Say it out loud to yourself, if you don’t discover how to get your girlfriend back, she WILL end up with someone else!

Truth is,  she has options that you do not have.  All women do.  When a woman breaks up with a guy,  she almost always has another one,  waiting in the shadows for the day that he can slide in and ask her out on a date.  It may be a friend of hers or a co worker.  Or,  it may be the guy that she meets the next time she goes out to a bar or a club with her friends to celebrate being single again.  Unlike guys,  women don’t have to do much at all to get over the break up.

If you assume that she is going to decide to give you a second chance later on,  then you might end up with the stark reality that later on never comes and the only thing you can do is think about her being with another guy.  A lot of men try and take the very passive approach of sitting around and waiting for their ex girlfriend to come to her senses and take them back.  Sad thing is… it never happens.

What can YOU do?

Promise yourself that you are not going to just sit back and hope that she comes back to you.  Take real action to win her back.  Find out an effective way to make her want you again.  Just don’t do the cliche thing and call her up at 2 am when you are lonely.  That is not action,  that is desperation.

You can get your girlfriend back if that is what you choose to do, however, if you sit around and wait for your opportunity to arise… then you will probably be waiting for a LONG time. And you just might end up hearing that she has a NEW man in her life and that you have missed your chance for good. Don’t let that happen to you!

Listen Carefully,

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When you only have one option on the table,  you are going to ultimately find yourself facing a lot of pressure.  If you needed a job really badly and there was only one option,  you’d be on the edge of your seat as you waited for them to get back to you on whether or not you got the job.  Well,  if you are single right now and it is because you and your girlfriend broke up and she is the only option that you have,  of course you are going to be on the edge of your seat about that.

It’s GOOD to have options.

It’s always good to have many choices so that you don’t feel like you are boxed into just one possibility.  Look,  I am not trying to convince you that you shouldn’t think about getting your ex girlfriend back.  In fact,  I encourage that in a lot of situations.  The thing is,  when she is the ONLY option that you have,  that makes you do things that you probably would not do if you had many options.

It’ll make you act desperate for her attention.

It’ll make you feel like you have to get her back now.

You may want her attention and you very well may want her back right now.  What if you had a couple of other women that you were interested in and you knew that you had just as good of a chance with them,  though?

Wouldn’t that make you feel a little bit better?

Wouldn’t that make you act a little more secure?

You bet it would.

Don’t discount the fact that there might be other women out there that are just as right for you as your ex girlfriend.  Don’t feel like you have to sit at home and just sit on the edge of your seat until you get her back.

You can go out and have some fun.  You can flirt with other women,  after all,  you are a single guy,  right?

Be a man of many options and not just one.

Try it out.

See what it feels like.

You might just like it.

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Your ex girlfriend won’t speak to you right now,  and that has you worried.  You are worried because you are afraid that this is a clear sign that you won’t be able to get her back.  A part of you thinks that it may still be possible,   but there is another part of you that is skeptical.  You just aren’t sure what is going on right now and you want more than anything to figure things out.  You don’t want to end up trying to get her back only to realize that you won’t be able to do that.  You don’t want to end up wasting your time and your energy.

Can you win back your ex girlfriend if she is not talking to you?

It’s possible,  but you have to understand that it is not the best sign that you can get from her.  There are guys who have won back their ex girlfriend when she wasn’t talking to them,  but of course that was only temporary.  It’s understandable why she might not want to speak to you right after the break up.  She’ll want to have some time to process her thoughts and her feelings.  She might have some anger and hostility towards you.

You don’t want that silence to last.

There has to be some sign that you are going to be able to communicate with your ex girlfriend if you are going to be able to have any real hopes of reconciling with her.  You can help yourself out by respecting her wishes and not prodding her to speak to you or trying to make her talk about anything that has to do with your relationship with her or with the idea of getting back with one another until she is ready to do so.

Along the way,  you can make it EASY for her to come to that conclusion by being the kind of guy that she wants to be with,  the kind of guy who can easily flirt with her and have fun around her.

There are methods that you can use to help you out with this and help you to get back your ex girlfriend.

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One of the most important things that you can do right after a break up is to maintain your composure.  The last thing that you want to do is to allow the end of a relationship to send you into some kind of a downward spiral.  It’s not good for you to be that way if you want to be able to get your girlfriend back and it is not good for you if you just want to be able to get over her.  So,  any way that you look at things,  it’s a win-win for you to be able to maintain your composure and not allow a break up control you or the way that you feel about life.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help you maintain your cool and not get bogged down at all.  Not all of them may be what you are looking for,  but all of them can certainly help you to get your mind off of your ex girlfriend so that you are not just constantly dwelling on her and the fact that she broke up with you.

Here are a few ideas that can help you out if you have recently been dumped:

1)  Celebrate the fact that you are single again.

Even if deep down all you want to do is to patch things up with your ex girlfriend,  it’s still a good exercise to celebrate the fact that you are single again.  You have some time to do the things that you want to do without having to worry about how it will affect your relationship.  It’s okay to take a break and realize that it can be fun to be single again,  even if it is only going to be for a short time.

2)  Build up a healthy social network.

No,  I don’t mean that you want to get a lot of Facebook friends or anything like that.  You want to amass a healthy face to face social network.  Whether we want to admit it or not,  one of the things that can really get to you when you have been dumped is the fact that you feel lonely without your ex girlfriend.  Well,  having a strong and healthy social network can alleviate some of that loneliness.  A good group of friends will also usually do what they can to help pick you back up when you feel down as well.

3)  Don’t look too far ahead.

Another reason why a break up can feel so bad is because you can start to look towards the future and picture yourself being alone and that is just flat out depressing.  Or worse,  you start to picture your ex girlfriend seeing someone else and that will just make you feel horrible.  Try to live in the moment as much as you can right now,  because the mind has a way of making things seem more dramatic than they really are.

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Acting aloof around your ex girlfriend always tops my list of suggestions for the way that you should behave if you want to be able to get her back.  However,  there is a difference between acting aloof and acting like you don’t care about her at all.  While you might hear it suggested that you act like you don’t care about her,  the better choice is to act aloof.  When you are aloof around your ex girlfriend,  that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about her,  it means that you don’t act as if your world revolves around her.

Why Not Caring at All Can Be Bad If You Want Her Back -

A question that I got from a reader one time dealt with this disctinction between acting aloof and acting like you don’t care at all.  The reader had read somewhere else,  that it is good to act like you don’t care at all about your ex girlfriend.  However,  he was dealing with a situation where his ex girlfriend had a parent who died.  Now,  how do you think it would come across in a situation like that if you acted like you didn’t care that something that devastating happened to her?  Not a good way to come across if you ask me.

On the other hand,  you can still extend your condolences and let your ex girlfriend know that you are concerned and that you are sad to hear about the news that her parent had died while still being aloof with what you are doing with the rest of your life.  That is the main thing that you need to remember.  It’s not really about acting like you don’t give a **** about what happens to her in her life.  It’s more about showing her that you have a life of your own and that you aren’t concerned with her knowing all of the ins and outs of what you have been up to.

So,  the answer is really that there are definitely situations where you SHOULD act like you care.  And then there are things that she doesn’t have to know about,   but that is more about acting aloof with your ex girlfriend than it is coming across like you just don’t care about her at all.

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A lot of the times,  I am dealing with the issue of a guy getting dumped by his girlfriend.  That in of itself is painful enough.  What if the relationship is a little deeper than just a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario?  What if it is your wife who wants to leave you?  Can you change her mind or is it something that is outside of your control?

While I would love to be able to give out a single answer to a question like that,  I really can’t.  I mean,  it is possible to change your wife’s mind if she wants to leave you.  Whether or not YOU will be able to do that is another story.

It all depends on the situation,  it depends on you.. and it depends on her.

When a woman is totally fed up with a marriage that just has not worked out,  it can be harder to change her mind than when it is just a typical boyfriend and girlfriend thing.  On the other hand,  many women are more likely to try and work to save their marriage if they see any glimmer of hope,  all because the stakes are much greater.

Just like you would if she were girlfriend,  your best bet is to work more on making her feel attracted to you than to try and appeal to her logical side.  The one good thing,  though,  is that her logical side can also come into play,  because there are things like the house,  the kids (if any),  and the money.

Here’s how to get started on changing her mind:

1)  Avoid any talk as much as you can about splitting up.

The more you talk about it,  the more you look at it as being the most likely outcome… the more it likely it will be.  Of course,  you want to be mentally prepared for the relationship to come to an end,  but when talking with her – you want to talk as little about it as possible.

2)  Work hard on appealing to her emotions so that she is open to working things out.

Use the fact that women are a little more emotional than men are to your advantage.  Instead of sitting down and trying to talk her out of leaving,  do things that make her want to stay.  Think more solution oriented than problem oriented.

3)  More than anything else you can do,  you want to stay positive.

Positive thinking by itself does not always create a positive outcome,  but thinking negatively almost always does bring about a negative outcome.  Keep yourself from feeling down as much as possible.  Do whatever you can to stay in a positive frame of mind,  ESPECIALLY when you are around your wife.

Most of the SAME principles that work in winning back an ex girlfriend will work on your wife as well.  That’s why I highly suggest that you check out this page here.

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Here is the scenario:  Your ex girlfriend cheated on you,  you found out and did what you thought was the right thing.  You broke up with her.  A little time went by and you felt sad about the way that things ended.  You thought about her and the possibility that maybe you had over reacted to the situation.

At the same time,  your ex girlfriend started to talk to you again.  She apologized for cheating on you because she knew that it broke your heart.  She said all of the right things and made all of the right promises.  That made you think that maybe the right thing to do was to act as if the cheating was in the past and that you and her should get back together.

Is that the right decision to make?

As I usually like to point out,  not all situation are going to be exactly the same,  so not all situations can be solved in the same way.  There are some situations where it might be just as well to forgive and forget about her cheating on you and get back together to see if you can work things out.

On the other hand,  there are going to be many situations where that just is not the case at all.  There are many instances where the cheating was really just a preview of what will come later on down the line.

You’ve probably heard the line,  “Once a cheater,  always a cheater.”

Usually it gets applied to men and not to women.  But it certainly can and should be applied to women as well.  If her only way to deal with problems inside the relationship is to look outside the relationship… that is a recipe for disaster.

Moreover,  it is a recipe for repetition.

When someone uses cheating as a way to deal with relationship issues,  then until they learn a better way,  you can’t really be surprised if and when they cheat again.  They need to have a new habit to replace the old one.

Before you consider the idea of getting back together,  remember this.  ALL relationships have their problems from time to time.  While things may seem like they are going perfectly right now,  that does not mean that there will not be any bumps in the road later on.  When those bumps come up and there are issues again,  do you expect her to remain faithful… or will she go back to her old behavior and cheat on you again?

This is a reality that you need to look at.  You may want to believe that she will never cheat on you again,  and that very well may be true.  On the other hand,  the opposite may also be true.

She might go back to cheating whenever she feels like there are problems or issues in the relationship.  And then,  you will be back where you started.

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The word,  seduction,  may give rise to all sorts of ideas in a man’s head about what that is and what it really means to seduce a woman.  All it really boils down to,  is that to seduce a woman,  you want to create the setting and the situation where she wants to become physically intimate with you.  For every woman and every situation,  how you go about seducing her will be a little bit different.  No two women are exactly alike,  though they will share an amazing amount of similarity.

This is why seduction is usually referred to as an art,  because there really is no hard science to it.  Just like any other social science,  the science behind seduction has too many variables at play to come up with an exact method that works on all women.

However,  there is one element in the art of seduction that you must incorporate into every situation.  That element is sexual tension.  When a woman feels that irresistible pull of sexual tension between her and a man… as long as the other variables are just right,  you can bet that she is just waiting for him to make his move.

Don’t get the wrong idea about sexual tension. 

Though in  many other contexts,  the word tension is a bad thing,  in this case… it is quite the opposite.  You do not want to avoid this kind of tension with a woman,  because sexual tension is the catalyst for being able to properly seduce a woman.  It’s your job to learn how to create sexual tension,  and then,  to have a good time using it to build up a lot of attraction and chemistry with a woman.  Do that,  and you will find that it becomes a lot easier to seduce a woman.

So,  you might be asking yourself right about now… what causes sexual tension?

Well,  the cause of sexual tension has a lot to do with unresolved feelings that two people have with one another.  It can manifest in many different forms.  Sometimes,  the two people almost act as if they do not quite like each other,  yet underneath the surface… they really do.  Other times it will manifest more so as just playfully teasing each other.  It’s kind of like a dance that you have with a woman,  even though the two of you may not be dancing at all.

Why do you really need to know how to create sexual tension with a woman?

If there is an absence of sexual tension with a woman… there usually is an absence of that passionate heat that leads to mind blowing sex.  Most guys will end up in the friend zone with a woman if there is no sexual tension at all.  You might get the pleasure of getting to hang out and talk with her…  but that is the only pleasure that you are going to get.

You need to work on creating sexual tension with a woman.

It’s not always easy to get in the mindset where you are actively seeking out to create sexual tension with a woman.  This is especially true if you are used to using the usual courting methods that men use to try and woo a woman.  You have to be a bit “naughty” but know that this will only come back to you in a GOOD WAY.  This is what you want.  You want her to get to the point where she thinks about you and her in bed.

When you create enough tension with her,  you don’t have to get all tied up in thinking about what your next move is going to be,  she will become easy for you,  even if she is not usually easy for any man.  There is no use in running from the need to cause sexual tension with a woman,  because if you truly want to seduce a woman and make her want you… then this element HAS to be present between you and her.

Go ahead.  Discover how to get a girlfriend back in 30 days or less.

You won’t be disappointed.

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